Patient Testimonials

Chronic Pain

"When I first began treatment, I was limping because stepping on my right foot hurt so much. I also had severe pain in my right side on the back. Everything that I did caused pain to my hip. I could not sit or walk without feeling pain. I am so much better; I am so thankful to be getting better."

- Sharon M.

"It was different to walk. I felt like I was walking on lumps of clay. I had pain & tingling in my feet but could not feel touch due to my feet being numb. I was constantly off balance. I now have feeling in my feet. I can feel textures & touch. My balance is much better. I do not have the pain & tingling. I do not have as much restlessness in my feet & legs. I sleep better and walking is easier."

- Deb V.

"I had not had any sleep due to constant pain for days. My feet were burning cold, and numb. I had problems standing, driving, and walking in the store. The first day I came into Morningstar I felt improvement. Ever since I have been able to sleep at night. Now I can walk around for hours with no problem. Electric cell signaling was a 10/10 success for me!"

- Gudelia R.


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